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Clear visibility of progress, direction and goals are important for the success of any business. Features like Dashboard and Reports for each user in the organization is exactly meant to achieve this purpose.


The Dashboard gives you an overall view of your work, recent activity in the services you are part of and past/upcoming due dates. Everyday you start here and plan from here. Its your calendar. It shows due dates and latest activity on all the services you are a part of. Every user in your organization gets their own personal dashboard tailored to their work.


View comprehensive set of reports, designed to get best results out of your data. You can see your revenue, work in progress, pipeline and more financial data for any given timeline anytime; track performance of each stream in your organization; assess each vertical's contribution; analyze and act. Use employee based reports for goal settings, performance analysis, promotions and much more. Zoom in to the details of any summary in a single click. Measure metrics and use it for better productivity.

Client Information

Maintain all your client contacts, their master information like PAN/TAN etc., and their documentation in one place. This is accessible to your users when working with a client in a single click. You can also download/upload this information in bulk. Stop being a photocopier for your clients! You can let your clients access their information on Papilio, but still stay in control of what they can see.
A concrete process makes work progress based on “standards and guidelines” rather than instincts thus bringing uniformity, repeatability and maximum utilization of available resources. With many services comes the necessity of managing knowledge repository. Task based service delivery, Targets, and Templates allows you to define process and manage knowledge.


This is the lifeline of your business. Create as many services for your client. Plan, allocate, track. Everything in one page. Share and collaborate with your clients. Never miss a retainer service due date, as these services are created automatically for you and you are notified automatically.

Each service can be broken down into lists and each list into tasks. You can assigned due dates to each of these lists and track them individually, thus giving you a sense of how far you are from completion of a service. All this can be captured in templates for repeatable use.
With so many services being provided, managing and handling resources in the most efficient way results in better profitability.

Time Logging

Track and manage your time from a simple task to a complex service in a very easy and effective way. A very useful tool for all executives, including but not limited to article students, employees, and even partners. Task based tracking, centralized time reports, and User based report generation will give you the meaningful information in real time for analysis and billing.

Document Management

Having access to the right document in real time is crucial. In Papilio, accessing a document is easy and secure.
  • Automatic Backups - Your data and documents are backed up at regular intervals, multiple times a day, greatly increasing reliability and minimizing risk. So you never have to worry about it.
  • Tagging - Tag the files that you upload so that searching for them becomes a easy task that will take seconds instead of hours.
  • Versioning - Each file that you upload never overwrites any existing file, and is versioned. So never fear of accidentally loosing a file.
  • Disaster Recovery - Disaster happen and that doesnot mean loss of your precious data. Papilio maintains a mirror site to recover from these situations.
  • Access to your files from anywhere - And since Papilio is on the cloud you can access all your files on the go!


Keeping a tab on what is happening is the key for productive environment. Conversations through Papilio are centralized. The goal of Papilio is to become transparent and let you communicate naturally with the existing systems like email, text etc. but at the end become a central repository of all the relavant information that otherwise will require searching through stacks of email and text. So you can communicate back with your users through your normal email communication that gets recorded in Papilio. Your clients, partners, and associates can access this single platform for sharing information. With Papilio you are always in the know. Papilio has a very flexible and robust email and text messaging (SMS) system in place keeping everybody on the same page.


We understand the importance of security and privacy requirements of chartered accountants, company secretaries, and others who work with extremely personal and sensitive information. And we have taken atmost care in providing best of security standards. You will access the servers on a 256-bit encrypted channel, so all data transfer is encrypted. Access to the servers external world is controlled by multiple firewalls, advanced access rules and routers, monitored round the clock. User access is controlled by you. You can grant or revoke access to whomever whenever you want.