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Special Offer for ICAI Members

Indygo is providing practicing chartered accountants under the leadership and umbrella of ICAI, a special offer to try Papilio. The details of this offer are given below.

Papilio is a simple, yet powerful, and secure cloud-based practice management platform for CA firms. Papilio helps you organize your client information, services offered, processes for the services you provide, measure performance at all levels, and enhance productivity of your entire organization. Papilio enables you with tools to transform your practice. Whether you work closely with small teams or teams spread across different regions, you want tools to help you collaborate; assign and track work progress, and share information efficiently and securely. Papilio, is designed to be a smart, secure and efficient collaboration platform enabling teams to have clear visibility, share information, work together, and collaborate in real time from anywhere. Whether teams work within your office premises, or at client places or in different locations of your office, information is shared and conveyed at that moment.

Major features of Papilio are:

  • Collaboration with team and clients
  • Process based work management
  • Simple and effective document management
  • Client management
  • Elaborate time management
  • Invoicing, and Collection tracking
  • Elaborate Dashboards for teams and management

There are additional supporting features, and functions like expense management, notifications, user management, detailed audit trail, etc.

Standard Pricing

Standard subscription charge of Papilio is at Rs. 2,400.00 (Rupees Two Thousand Four Hundred only) per active user per year. Any additional users during that year, i.e., more than the users subscribed, will be charged at Rs. 600.00 (Rupees Six Hundred Only) per user per quarter.

For ICAI members

Free Offer

For a firm with less than five people, Papilio will be free for life. There will not be any additional charges.

Startup Firm

For startup firms (Less the two-year-old firm) - 50% off for next two years

SME Firms

For firms with less than 20 people, subscription charges are discounted by 25% for next three years. Accordingly, yearly subscription charges will be Rs.1800.00 (Rupees One Thousand Eight Hundred only) per user. Also, additional users will be charged at Rs.450.00 (Rupees Four Hundred and Fifty only) per user per quarter.

After the above specified period, standard rates will be applicable.